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  • Netrek Classic  v. is a free multiplayer space battle game. Up to 16 people per game battle against each other over the internet on a massive virtual space battlefield. The ultimate goal is to wipe out the enemy race by taking their planets. Very intense battle.
  • Netrek XP 2006  v.1.1Netrek is a free multiplayer space battle game. Up to 16 people per game battle against each other over the internet on a massive virtual space battlefield. The ultimate goal is to wipe out the enemy race by taking their planets.
  • My Pictures 3D Screensaver  v.1.2My Pictures 3D Sceensaver allows you to view your photo album in a virtual 3D gallery. View photos on the walls of an ancient temple or a modern showroom, a medieval castle or a Renaissance yard. You can walk manually or in the screensaver mode.
  • CaraQ Room  v.0.9.6CaraQ Room is an online virtual space which created by users themselves. The images in CaraQ Room are all created in pixel art style. In CaraQ Room, people can decorate/create their virtual rooms and dress up their avatars.
  • My Pictures 3D Album  v.0.96My Pictures 3D Album lets you create stunning 3D photo albums. Show your photos in an artistic environment of 3D galleries and share them with friends. Amaze them by sending your photos in a 3D presentation or placing 3D albums on your home page.
  • Photo! 3D Album  v.1.2Photo! 3D Album 1.2 allows creating stunning 3D albums where you will see your photos in picturesque 3D galleries. Enjoy walking inside the virtual space and share your 3D albums on the net! Installation file also includes Photo! 3D Screensaver 1.2.
  • 3D Rad  v.6.383D Rad 6.38 is designed as a useful tool which can help you easily develop your own pc games, the middleware, game developing system with the shortest learning curve! Create interactive 3D worlds and games by visually placing objects in virtual space ...
  • AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard  v.3.3Analyze web server logs and view web site usage reports with a touch of style! As the new technologies evolve, we all become adepts of the new virtual space. These days, it is almost impossible to imagine a person who had never heard about Internet.
  • QuadTree  v.Revision 20QuadTree was designed as a generic type implementation in C# that can be used with XNA. This QuadTree can store any object that implements the interface IHasRectangle. This provides a means of accessing objects in a virtual space very quickly.
  • Parental-Controls.NET  v. --An internet filter software that helps parents protect kids from adults websites, prevent them from indulging in unrestrained virtual space. Parental-Controls.NET filters out adult web sites, which with objects not fit for ...
  • Rethinktank  v.1.5A Virtual Office powered by the Rethinktank E-Collaboration software platform. Instant chat, audio, video, file share, shared white board, all in your very own virtual space. Get your username and password and room at
  • 3D Console  v.rc3D-Console is a system that maintains and renders a general purpose user interface for multiple applications in a shared three dimensional virtual space. The applications are arbitrary operating system processes, as we know ...
  • Netrek XP 2009  v.1.0Netrek is a free online game where you battle against people around the world.
  • Space Toad MIDI Sequencer  v.2.0.1 BetaA classical multitrack sequencer.
  • Virtual Barbiana  v.1.0.1Educational game in 3D for exploring don Milani Barbiana school ...
  • Free 3D Earth Screensaver  v.1.1Put this extremely realistic 3D Earth screensaver on your monitor and find yourself on an orbital station ready to make your own space research of our home planet. With this free screensaver you will see the unforgettable views of the Earth!
  • ImTOO Multiple Desktops  v. Multiple Desktops allows you to create multiple virtual desktops and switch between them with hotkeys or mouse. You can run applications of the same kind in one new desktop and run others on another to establish order on your desktop. With the ...
  • WinSpace 3.01 Professional  v.3.1Short on screen space? Too many windows open? Get the leading virtual desktop software TriPlus┬« WinSpace┬« to increase your desktop space. It creates up to 400 easily accessible workspaces that extend beyond the boundaries of your monitor into ...
  • BoxedApp Packer  v. utility for creating full-fledged applications, built with third-party libraries and components and capable of employing the full power of your PC, that don't require the installation and are packed in one self-sustaining executable file.
  • Process Meter  v.1.04Process Meter displays chart with information about all processes running on local or remote system. It may show the following information for each process: * CPU usage * Handles * Threads * Memory usage * VM size * Address space usage Each process ...
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